by Eden Bradley

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0553385113
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Professor Mia Rose Curry teaches a sociology class about alternative sexuality, but she never delves into her own sexual issues until she encounters a student in her class: sexy Jagger James. Mia keeps her own sexual fantasies under lock and key, but meeting Jagger causes those desires to rage out of control. Her mind is screaming no at her unethical issues, but her body screams yes with every untapped need for completion. Jagger unlocks Mia's deepest desires with one taste of his lips, but guilt overwhelms her as she falls deeper and deeper in lust and love with Jagger.

Jagger has been hurt and betrayed by women who said they loved him and then turned their back on him. He is confused as to why his emotions as well as his libido are raging out of control for Mia. He is not sure he wants to fall in deep ever again. Can one taste be enough? Will Mia Rose get pass the guilt and accept all the pleasures Jagger James has to offer? Can Jagger get over the pain of his past and accept a love that will know no bounds?

Forbidden Fruit explores the aspects of incorporating food into sexual play. The characters are well developed and one can really get enthralled in the story. Ms. Bradley sometimes veers from the story to discuss the psychology of fetishes. This tangent causes a really great story to become boring and read like a psych or sociology book. The overall story is wonderful, but the text book reading is best left where it belongs, in the classroom.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Lakisha.

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