by Stef Ann Holm

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-77313-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Chloe Lawson loves owning and operating Not Just Cakes, her bakery in Idaho. Unfortunately, her dream job may just come to a crashing halt when a mega grocery store chain buys the building her bakery is in. She has only a few months to vacate the premises but Chloe is not going down without a fight.

When lawyer John Moretti hears about the grocery superstore kicking out a local bakery, he does not have much of a reaction. It happens all the time in his world and unfortunately, he is more concerned with his two teenagers, Kara and Zach. With the death of his wife three years ago, Johnís family has become distant with each other. He just cannot seem to connect with his kids any longer.

Going into Not Just Cakes one day, John meets Chloe and well, his whole world changes. He has an offer to present her from the owner of the grocery store, but she will not hear one word of it. She will do what it takes to continue to grow her business, no matter how tempting the money is, and no matter how much more tempting Johnís companionship is becoming to her.

Readers are either going to really enjoy or really dislike All That Matters. I am definitely in the category of enjoying it. This story is a contemporary romance with little sex but plenty of heartfelt romance and interesting relationship growth. John is a widower who is lost and seeks solace in his work, a factor which certainly hasnít helped him retain good relationships with his kids. After a divorce, Chloe has been single and mostly happy for a long time. She is a self-assured woman who is not a doormat, who is comfortable in her own skin, but still would like to find someone to spend her days with. Chloe is a mature heroine; she is approaching forty with joy and peace. Chloeís persistence, determination, and likability make All That Matters a character driven story. Stef Ann Holm also delves into Johnís life with equal success.

For some readers, All That Matters will be too sweet, bordering on the saccharine, but for readers who are looking for a story where there is hope, love, blossoming relationships, and a steady but growing love story, you will not be disappointed at all. Stef Ann Holm writes inspiring and tender love stories.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Sarah.

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