by Karen Macinerney

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-345-49626-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books #2
Mass Market Paperback

Sophie Garou’s back with a whole new slew of problems, not to mention a few old ones hanging around. Her relationship with her boyfriend Heath is on the rocks. This is mainly due to the fact that Sophie’s been holding out on him – No, not that – but it could also have something to do with the late nights Heath is putting in with his new associate! She approached by three “made” female werewolves from Texarkana to become their Alpha. She’s having steamy dreams about Mark, the CEO of Southeast Airlines and her new client, who is putting the moves on Sophie. Tom, the werewolf, is back in town and while Sophie is having some deliciously sexy thoughts about him, he’s dating her best friend, Lindsay. Her loft has been broken into on two separate occasions. OY! That’s a bad time, in anyone’s book.

The Houston Pack has discovered Sophie and apparently it’s improper for her to be on her own – she must join the Pack. In order to prove herself and to possibly be granted immunity, they send her on a mission but fail to tell her how dangerous it is. All they tell her is the Houston Pack leader’s brother is missing and it’s her job to find him.

WOW!!! On the Prowl: Tales of an Urban Werewolf by Karen MacInerney is an action-packed book full of giggles, surprises, lots of werewolves both good and evil, a priestess intent on mayhem and domination, three hunky men and Sophie’s confusing feelings for each of them. I was glad to see that, by the end of the book, she was on her way to getting her life in order. I was talking to a friend, after we read the first book, and we decided who Sophie should end up with and I have to say that my feelings haven’t changed on that point. Thanks, Ms. McInerney and I anxiously await the next book in this series Leader of the Pack.

Reviewed in February 2009 by PamL.

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