by C. L. Wilson

October 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6059-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

C. L. Wilson is back with another novel in her Tairen Soul series, King of Sword and Sky. Elysetta and Rain are traveling back across the Fading Mists and into the land of the Fey, Rainís home.

Once Elysetta takes her place as Rainís queen, they must work quickly to learn what is killing the young tairen kitlings. These deaths threaten the entire existence of the species, and so too, the Fey.

In Eld, the High Mage spins even darker magic, hoping to thwart the royal couple. He is using every weapon in his power to send evil into the world.

While the romance between Elysetta and Rain is as strong as ever, their relationship is tested many times. The disapproving high council, the skeptical Fey, each time they must show their dedication to each other.

The Tairen Soul series no longer is a romance for me, but pure epic fantasy. I love reading the books, but to continue to review them as romances is not wholly accurate. I highly recommend the series, and cannot wait to see what happens next, but reviews will probably not be forthcoming. For the quality of the writing, I rate this book as five roses.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Paula.

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