by Barbara Clark

December 2001
ISBN: 1-59279-036-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press
Trade Paperback

A previous Winner of The Crystal Globe Awards as “Best Overall Romantic Fiction”, Dangerous Haven is one of those ‘keeper’ books you like to re-read over and over. Ms. Clark’s exceptional writing talent shows in a story that is passionate, emotional, suspenseful, and is highly recommended.

Brand Templeton is a man driven by passions that center solely on his business --- a major international corporation. The illegitimate child of wealthy Cyrus Morgan – who raped his mother and then kicked her out – Brand carries a chip on his shoulder that’s just waiting to be knocked off. He’s powerful, wealthy, a harsh man who doesn’t know the meaning of love or commitment. He always gets what he wants, no matter the cost. And what he wants now is to finally be free of the past. Cyrus Morgan is dead and has acknowledged his illegitimate son by leaving everything to him in his will. Brand sees this as a way to avenge his mother’s treatment from Cyrus and is determined to raze the estate “Hawk Haven” to the ground, and to destroy every thing connected to his father’s businesses.

Sharon Smith is a widow who supports herself with a mail-order business of selling herbs, and also does housecleaning. She still clings to the memory of her dead husband. She worked for Cyrus at Hawk Haven and knew the type of man he was. She’d avoided his unwelcome advances, and when she meets his son Brand she is determined to carry on her housecleaning job and avoid any possible advances from him.

What neither Sharon or Brand counted on was the strong attraction they’d feel for each other. Obstacles, secrets, misunderstandings, and wary attitudes strive to keep them apart. Brand has a secret agenda and Sharon is the last obstacle standing in his way. Will he finally realize he’s fallen in love before he ruins the growing feelings between them? Can a small-town girl and a big-city man get past all the differences? And the emotional internal demons that make Brand the man he is --- will Sharon’s love break through the barrier that keeps his heart safe?

Ms. Clark’s books are this reviewer’s auto-buy. Every one of her books are keepers, and I always recommend them to readers wanting a passionate love story filled with other elements (suspense, paranormal, intrigue) that keep you turning those pages. Dangerous Haven is a beautiful love story that carries an emotional impact and leaves you remembering the hero and heroine long after you put the book away. Add this one to your to-be-read-pile; you’ll be glad you did!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Kari.

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