by Kate Hill

June 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59596-883-8
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Noble and Pascal are dedicated Wolf guards who have been chosen as the personal guards to protect the seductive Vampire tribal leader, Ceres. They both hunger to posses her body and soul, but they seek to maintain a professional distance out of respect for her position as their leader. Little do they know she aches to be the center of their sexual need. Ceres is enticing them to cross the boundaries of their professional positions and get her in all types of other positions.

When Noble and Pascal discover that Ceres shares their passionate emotions, they embark on a sizzling affair that breaks through all of the barriers of vampire and wolf relations. Everyone does not feel that vampires and wolves should enjoy equal treatment. In fact, some of the Vampire tribal leaders feel they are supposed to be separated. Can Noble, Pascal, and Ceres bridge the rift between their species with their passion for each other?

Carnal Obsession is a enticing read. What makes this book delectable is the build up to the first hot love scene. This threesome is not for the faint of heart. The plot is good and even after the sex , you still want to know the resolution of the story. The story tries to make both Noble and Pascal equal in the eyes of their mistress, but succeeds in making Pascal a secondary character. It is almost as if his character is not needed, except for in the menage trios scenes. All in all this story will make you hot and want more from Kate Hill.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Lakisha.

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