by Jaye Roycraft

January 2003
ISBN: 1-893896-83-8
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Trade Paperback

Revlin Scott, the new enforcer of the vampire world, has been chosen by Nikolena, the Directress of all vampires to infiltrate a secret illegal society of rogue vampires springing up in Baton Rouge. Nickolena has sent two previous spies to infiltrate the group and she has failed to hear from either. Fearing they are dead she has chosen Revlin to go on the mission this time. He will have an easier time than the previous scouts, as Denice Geron will accompany him on his mission.

Denice hates vampires but feels she must avenge her brother Michael’s death at the hands of this secret society so she goes to Nickolena with information her brother provided her before his demise. She hopes that the information will help in destroying the people who killed her brother.

It is decided that Revlin will go undercover as Sean Ardwolf. Blond haired rock star look-a-like, Sean is introduced to Denice and it is instant dislike from the first meeting. Denice suffers Sean with the hope that he can stop the people who killed her brother. Initially, that is the thought that keeps her going on the mission. Sean resents having to take a woman along on this mission and being forced to trust her, at times, with his very life but he has no other choice but to rely on her since she has information that is invaluable on how the secret organization works.

Denice and Sean slowly begin to respect each other. The two work together to put an end to this secret society that is a threat to them both. Slowly their feelings for each other begin to change. Could the lady who loathes vampires and the vampire who will never succumb to a mortal woman’s love be falling in love?

With this forth installment of her vampire series Jaye Roycraft has yet again created a fascinating one setting read. With plot twists and awesome characters Ms. Roycraft takes the reader once again into this fascinating world of the vampire.

I must admit when I learned this book was going to feature Revlin Scott as the hero I was a bit reluctant to read it thinking I would not enjoy it. You see Revlin was a minor character in the earlier book and I did not care for him at all. I thought he was too cocky and sure of himself and I just did not like him. I should have known that Ms Roycraft’s powerful writing ability would persuade me to end up liking Revlin.

Many readers hesitate to read romances that have vampire themes as they think they will have too much blood and gore. That is not the case with this book at all. Immortal Image is a welcome addition to this truly fascinating vampire world Ms. Roycraft has created. If you are a vampire romance fan this is one you won’t want to miss. If you are new to the vampire romance world then give this book a try. Ms Roycraft’s vampire world is nothing like what you would expect. You are in for a treat and I predict you will be so enthralled you will want to read the previous stories in this series. I can’t wait for the next chapter in Ms Roycraft’s amazing series.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Barbara.

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