by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside

August 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-078-1
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Readers of the erotica romance genre will absolutely drool over Captive Dreams! Well known for her vampire romances in several volumes of Secrets, Angela Knight teams up with author Diane Whiteside to create a fantasy story that is so incredibly hot and tantalizingly, uniquely different from any other!

A full chapter prologue introduces the two writers, sisters Celeste and Corinne Carson, and the two heroes of their novels, Jarred Varrain and Mykhayl. The sisters have been writing their books for years, putting their “make-believe” heroes through all kinds of hardships, tortures, and problems. Naturally, they believe the fantasy worlds they created for the heroes are just that - fantasy. What they don’t know is that Jarred and Mykhayl are REAL! Ultra-sexy, alpha males, dangerous, and out for revenge, Jarred and Mykhayl are determined to get into the sisters’ world and put a stop to their ‘creativity’! Celeste and Corinne never see it coming, and are taken captive BACK to the heroes’ respective worlds. So what happens when your written fantasy becomes a sensual, riveting erotic dream into reality? Celeste and Corinne are about to find out!

In the first half of the book, Bound by the Dragon, Diane Whiteside pens Corinne and Mykhayl’s story. Mykhayl’s world is one of warriors and swords, magic and dragons. When he brings captive Corinne there, he’s determined to exert his revenge by making her wild for him and begging his touch. Thus starts a foray into erotic fantasy-come-true love that Corinne never dared dream of! Mykhayl has one main gripe against Corinne: in her books she’s left him sterile! An impending invasion on his kingdom by dark magic leaves Mykhayl unwilling to trust Corinne’s help. Will the two work out the problems and find true love?

The second half of the book, Bound by the Dream, Angela Knight pens Celeste and Jarred’s story. Jarred is a futuristic hero with cyborg implants, and his world is that of space, aliens, and endless danger. He carries internal demons from his past and is very distrustful of Celeste for countless reasons. He plans to slake his lust on her then turn her over to a harem-keeper, thus finally getting her out of his life once and for all time. What he doesn’t count on is his feelings for Celeste turning into something much more stronger than just lust. Will Celeste be able to finally conquer her fantasy hero and learn what true love is? Will Jarred realize he loves his ‘captive’? The erotic scenes will scorch the pages and most likely readers will want to re-read them many times over!

Ms. Knight and Ms. Whiteside can be named a lethal combination when writing together and creating fantastic erotica stories that instantly take readers - willingly! - inside the HOT pages of their books. Although not recommended for some, this book is a MUST read for lovers of the genre!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Kari.