by Donna Fletcher

October 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-137544-6
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Mass Market Paperback

16th Century, Scottish Highlands

Highland warrior Artair Sinclare was desperate to find his missing younger brother, Ronan. Ronan had been kidnapped during a battle with barbarians, and was last heard of being taken to a renowned healer named Zia. Artair was told he would find Zia at the village of Lorne where she had gone to help when their people were struck by a terrible illness. What Artair finds when he arrives in Lorne is startling...Zia has been named a witch and the vengeful villagers are about to burn her at the stake!

Exotically beautiful Zia is an accomplished healer. Saving the village of Lorne has not made their people grateful; instead they turn on Zia, for how can a mere slip of a woman make deathly ill patients well if not for magic? Zia’s insistence that it is knowledge of the healing arts, learned from her grandmother, that save the ailing and not witchery doesn’t save her from being condemned. When handsome Highlander Artair and his fellow warriors arrive, Zia is profoundly grateful to be rescued by this intriguing man. Keeping Zia from the clutches of evil will not be an easy task for Artair, who is still seeking information from the not so cooperative Zia about his missing brother. Forced to pretend they are married in order to get Zia back to his clan, can Zia keep from falling Under the Highlander’s Spell?

The second in Donna Fletcher’s series about those hunky Sinclare brothers is Under the Highlander’s Spell, and follows second eldest brother Artair on his quest to rescue Ronan. What Artair didn’t count on is the enchanting Zia who captures the stoic Artair’s heart and dares him to lose himself to passion she awakens in him. The story flows well, and has nicely developed characters. But a little too much protest on the heroine's part made the book longer then it should have been. Under the Highlander’s Spell has a typical, predictable outcome, but hey isn't that why we read romance books, for the "happily ever after"?

Reviewed in October 2008 by Bonnie.

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