by Gwynn Morgan

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59105-092-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.
Trade Paperback

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Readers can take a step back in time, into a very vividly portrayed Old West era in Back to Tomorrow. Ms. Morgan’s writing is alive; combining colorful, rich history in a time travel romance that takes place in old west Tombstone, Arizona. The vivid descriptions will make a reader “feel” as though you’re right there in the old west. From the first page on, you’re pulled into this fascinating action-packed romance!

Emily Dennison is a librarian and she loves history. Still grieving over the death of her fiancé, she makes a sudden decision to visit a friend who lives in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, just a fifteen minute drive from old Tombstone. Her friend, Carol, gave her an old journal that intrigues Emily and she decides she has to visit the locale the journal talks about. Little does she know then just how much, how drastically, her life is about to change. A ferocious thunderstorm suddenly catapults Emily back in time to Tombstone 1889!

Zachary Tremaine is a newspaperman, on a mission in Tombstone to rescue his sister. Emily’s arrival into his life is like the proverbial “bolt of lightning”. Fascinated with her, attracted to her, he’s left confused with her strange tale and odd mannerisms.

More a tale about eternal love through all times, the time travel aspect still highlights this story with intrigue. Will Emily want to stay in Zach’s time, giving up everything she loves in her own era? Can she stay, or will fate send her back home? Will Zach risk all to be with her - even if that should turn out to be in Emily’s time?

In a most colorful, well-written plot filled with old west action, past and future time travel, Ms. Morgan has penned a wonderful romance around the theme that love lasts through time, no matter the obstacles. A great, entertaining read!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Kari.

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