by D. N. Simmons

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1419691300
Reviewer Graphic Button BookSurge Publishing
Trade Paperback

While Psychic Natasha Hemingway and her vampire boyfriends revel in their love so do her friends Sergio and his mate Elise, and Warren and his partner Matthew. In the midst of their current contentment the vampires, pride and pack all come under attack and each group has their most vulnerable member kidnapped by an invading force that is hell bent on taking over their respective territories. The race to save their loved ones and to retain their territory is on and they must work fast before time runs out for their loved ones and for them.

Hostile Territory, the fourth installment of D.N. Simmons' Knights of the Darkness Chronicles, brings readers back into her alluring world of the supernatural. The deepening of the bonds between all the characters and their lovers as well as their friends throughout the series has been one that I have enjoyed watching develop. D.N. Simmons' supernatural world is one that I always look forward to delving more into and never fails to entertain. Hostile Territory not only gives readers a look at where D.N. Simmons wonderful characters are currently at with each other but at how they band together under times of trouble and at how great they are at protecting those that they love and befriend. I canít wait for the next book in this wonderful series.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Claudia.

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