by Vanessa Jaye

July 2008
ISBN: 1-60504-062-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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Felicity Cameron is working hard to try to change her life. She has just dumped her boyfriend, she is renting a new apartment, and she has a new waitressing job. Most importantly of all, she has found a tutor to help with her dyslexia. Felicity is feeling pretty happy about her accomplishments. But things have a way of going haywire when you least expect it and that is what happens when Felicity meets contractor Daniel Mackenzie.

Daniel feels the heat when he looks at Felicity. She is very sexy and trying hard to make her new place home. Too bad Daniel is set to demolish her dreams, literally. Daniel has the unhappy task of evicting the residents of Felicity’s apartment building. Daniel is very attracted to Felicity and though he is not looking for a serious relationship, somehow their subtle flirting has turned into something more important, something more real than a fling. But Daniel still has to let Felicity know the truth.

Felicity Stripped Bare is a fun, frothy, and emotionally satisfying romance. Daniel and Felicity have no expectations of each other when they initially meet. Yes, there is an attraction but both characters are dealing with some difficult life events. Out of the darkness flares a very solid relationship. I really liked watching them flirt and circle each other, looking for the perfect time to give voice to their feelings. Vanessa Jaye knows how to make a touch, a glance, or a simple word very sexy.

Felicity is a great character. She has independence and determination but she was not afraid to be vulnerable either. I liked how she could face her fears and take on Daniel every step of the way.

Felicity Stripped Bare mixes compelling story with sizzling heat! Vanessa Jaye’s debut story is fantastic!

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sarah.

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