by Jennifer Brassel

ISBN: 1-74063-007-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Saltwater Press
Mass Market Paperback

Trust in Dreams gives us a look at two very different worlds and when they collide the result is passion and love!

Elizabeth Reynolds is a Doctor; desperately in need of a vacation, and settles for a medical conference to catch her breath. When sheís called to another visitors room; for a medical visit in the hotel sheís staying in, her love life improves, but her well ordered world is about to crumble!

Chris Grant is a hunky soap opera actor; his fans call him Dr. Passion! Chris suffers from migraines, enter Elizabeth who comes to his aid, and ends up spending the night with him! Elizabeth has a night filled with passion that she thinks is a dream, until she wakes up in Chrisí arms! When she leaves to go back to her own room, her yucky, sleazy, stuffy, jerk of a fiancťe Lawrence catches her, and itís a downhill slide for the couple!

Chris canít believe the pretty Elizabeth doesnít know who he is (doctors donít get to catch the soaps), and heís thrilled by the prospect of her really wanting him, not Dr. Passion. Elizabeth has had some prior bad luck with an actor and being engaged to Lawrence; a total jerk, is safe and comfortable.

Suddenly Elizabeth finds herself wanting more from life than being safe, but she canít bring herself to trust Chris. Circumstances keep getting in the way, furthering Elizabethís conviction that trusting Chris is going to doom her. Can Chris convince Elizabeth that heís not like all the rest of the men in her life? Will Elizabeth give up the man of her dreams over past heartbreak?

This reader thought Chris was innovative and endearing in his attempts to capture Elizabethís heart! I kept thinking to myself, 'Well is she doesnít want him, we canít have Dr. Passion lonely, now can we?' LOL! I was ready to hop a plane to Australia, and drag him stateside, away from The Land Down Under!

Elizabeth on the other hand, began to wear me down; she really was rather holding a grudge from the past that only slightly resembled her issues with Chris and her mistrust of actors. This great guy did everything short of stand on his head and spit nickels out of his nose to impress her, and Elizabeth just wouldnít budge! I found her reticence a bit difficult; however the larger than life-living life to itís fullest-Chris made up for it!

The author does a fine job of creating, a strong gregarious, sensitive hunk, and a honey you could snuggle up to any day of the week! When the two do connect, I must admit they fairly sizzle and that made this reader smile!

Enjoyable, creative and a charming hunk to boot are what Trust in Dreams is all about!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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