by Sherrilyn Kenyon

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-312-94706-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

He is the leader of the Daimons who prey on humankind and plot the destruction of the Dark Hunters. He is Stryker. As the son of Apollo, he has lost everything at the whim of the gods and he is perpetually ticked off. He would like nothing better than to send them all to the Underworld permanently.

His latest plot involves the destruction of Nick Gautier, and his permanent target, Acheron. Unfortunately, he did not think things through, and now everyone may be screwed. The only good thing that has happened is that he has reunited with his wife, Zephyra. Of course, there is also a bad side, since she has sworn to kill him in the most painful manner possible.

Zephrya cannot believe the gall of that man! Eleven thousand years she has waited to take revenge on his cowardice! How dare he just act like it was yesterday!

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon offers readers the perfect antihero in One Silent Night. Giving us a glimpse into what makes Stryker tick is like finding hidden treasure. Seeing him navigate his way through thorny domestic issues is both amusing and slightly disturbing. Dont we want to keep him on the bad list??

Im sure our sympathetic response is temporary, but One Silent Night offers up some new and startling information about Nick and other characers. Readers wont want to miss a single page.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Paula.

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