by Lynn Viehl

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-41259-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Darkyn Lord Valentin Jaus lost his heart the night his beloved chose another man. Since then he has closed off his heart to the possibility of finding another. Until he meets landscape artist Liling Harper, Liling heals his body and creeps into his bruised heart bringing joy to light his life again. But Liling is hiding something from her new lover but some tales are better left untold. Deadly secrets that once revealed will rock the Darkyn world off its axis.

The world of the Darkyn gets a little more bizarre in Twilight Fall. I am ecstatic that Valentin finds his happily-ever-after. Two damaged souls find a measure of peace and healing. The revelations that come to light in this the sixth book of the Darkyn shakes the foundations of the ĎKynís beliefs and bring a whole new dimension to their war with the Brotherhood. Faithful readers be prepared for the shocks to come. Newbies welcome to the world of the Darkyn with all of its wonder, peril and heartbreaking romance.


Reviewed in January 2009 by Cynthia.

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