by LuAnn McLane

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22460-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Summer is ending, and school is starting, and what person preparing for school isn’t just a little stressed out, and looking for some fun? For diehard readers that fun comes in the form of a trip to the bookstore, and I’d like to suggest that your purchases include A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action by LuAnn McLane.

In her latest work Ms. McLane once again transports readers to a small southern town. Hootertown has been Macy McCoy’s home since the day she was born. Her best friend Jamie Lee Carter is getting married as the book opens, and Macy is the maid of honor. The best man is Jamie Lee’s brother Luke, whom Macy has had a crush on for almost as long as she and Jamie Lee have been best friends.

Feeling a little blue after the wedding hoopla Macy decides to go to the beauty shop where she works, and which is owned by Jamie Lee to do a little cleaning, and inventory. Even though technically the shop is closed in walks Tammy Turner, a Nashville Star, and one of Macy’s current idols.

Tammy has a small hair emergency, and convinces Macy to hop aboard her tour bus and fix her hair, and see where the road not taken may actually take her. Before she truly knows what hit her Macy is in Nashville living a life she never would have imagined. She is however torn between the opportunities awaiting her, and her old life back in Hootertown waxing poetic over Luke.

Could this be a matter of absence makes the heart grow fonder? As Macy and Luke each explore the options rapidly coming their way will they decide that love has been in their own backyard or will they again miss that opportunity and go for fame and glory? Is there a way to have both?

I have recently discovered that Ms. McLane has some books that are released as mass-market titles and others that are released as trade size. I don’t know if there’s a difference in style between the two formats, because I haven’t read a trade size release. I do know that I love her sassy look at small town southern life. She makes small town living humorous without playing into many of the stereotypes that I know exist. Just because her characters are from small towns, they are by no means hicks, and unmotivated. They know exactly what they want, and their small town values don’t hold them back, but rather help them enhance their futures.

As my favorite writers have evolved in their styles, and written books that aren’t what drew me to them in the beginning I can only hope that Ms. McLane holds her sense of humor and continues to write books for which I will be eagerly waiting.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sandi.

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