by Marin Thomas

August 2008
ISBN: 0373752288
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1224
Mass Market Paperback

Heatherís Hollow, Kentucky

It had been nine months since the accident that claimed Annie McKeeís husbandís life. Drunk as usual, Sean had fallen while at work in the coal mines, and Annie was bound and determined to gain back what she had never really had, her own life. Refusing to cash in the settlement that was awarded to her from the mine company, Annie had set that aside for her twin sonsí future. Annie had promised herself her boys would not end up like Sean trying to eek out a living in the Hollow, not if she could help it. Annieís pride was fierce, and when Seanís best friend Patrick Kirkpatrick sends cash to her, Annie gets her Irish up and throws the much needed money literally in his face, or rather his naked chest! Annie had gotten Patrick out of his bed, and the site of the sleep tussled half dressed ruggedly handsome sawmill manager was enough to get the sex deprived Annieís long dormant drive out of park!

Patrick Kirkpatrick had been enamored of Annie McKee since she was a teen. Warned by his well meaning parents that Annie had been too young for the older Patrick, he hadn't pursued her. Confiding in his wild best friend Sean about his secret crush on Annie had led Sean into taking first crack at her. When Annie had become pregnant, Sean had been coerced into marrying her by the clan elders, but had never really been much of a husband. Annieís emotion packed outburst at his front door reveals to Pat that her marriage to Sean had been unhappy. Patrick begins to take in that he could have his chance with her. When Annie asks Patrick if she could use his computer to help her get her GED, Patrick grabs an opportunity to have A Coal Minerís Wife for himself!

Welcome back to the hollow, A Coal Minerís Wife is Marin Thomasí third book in her Hearts of Appalachia series. Hooking up with old and new friends from this successful series gives A Coal Minerís Wife a good solid character base. Some clichť plots intertwine with a sexy romance between the feisty Annie and the almost too good to be true Patrick. A Coal Minerís Wife is great for a hot summer read!

Reviewed in July 2008 by Bonnie.

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