by Gloria Gay

February 2003
ISBN: 0-7414-1389-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Infinity
Mass Market Paperback

Canceled Courtship, is the third book Gloria Gay has written. Again, she takes us to Regency London to mingle with the ton.

Miss Cecilia Sentenell has come to London for her first season. At the request of her ailing father, Cecilia has agreed to enjoy herself and maybe find a husband. Upon her first ride in the park, she is a witness to an outlandish display between a lord and his mistress. Totally taken aback by his handling and open mouth kissing of this woman, Cecilia vows to never be courted or wed by such a man.

Justin Alanston, Earl of Arandale must marry upon the year of his 30th birthday. That year has finally arrived and he must buckle down and find someone appropriate enough to be called his countess. He sets his sights on Miss Ceclila Sentenell, a young country miss who will fit in with his plans nicely. He addresses her father for permission to court Cecilia, but requests that her father not tell her of his intentions, until she gets to know him better.

Needless to say, Cecilia isnít the country mouse that Justin expected. She is a young woman who knows her own mind and will not bend to someone elseís will. When Cecilia finds out about Justinís arrangement with her father, she cancels his Ďso-calledí courtship. Justin of course takes this as an insult of the highest order and vows to get the chit out of his mind, that is until he sees her again and sees her in a different light, than before. Maybe he handled this whole situation the wrong way, but how to reverse the Canceled Courtship?

This was a great story. Fun, fast paced and never boring. Ms. Gay writes with passion for her characters. Each one is well developed and never leaves the reader wondering about anything that is going on in a scene. Add in a villain and villainess, and you have a great love story, that will surely warm your heart on these chilly nights. And be sure to check out the cover. Gloria Gay paints her covers also. Itís beautiful!!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Debbie.

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