by Elin Hilderbrand

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-316-01860-9
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Last year I read my first book by Elin Hilderbrand, so when her newest title, A Summer Affair became available for review I jumped at the opportunity to read it.

A Summer Affair is the story of Claire Danner Crispin, a stay at home mom with four children who range in age from elementary school to an infant. Claire is a consummate volunteer and when she is asked to co-chair the Annual Nantucket Childrenís Summer Gala she barely hesitates before agreeing to undergo the enormous task.

Claire once an up and coming glass blower is soon committed to not only working on the Gala, but to lining up her old high school friend and now successful rock musician, Max West to play for free, but to also going back to her hot shop and creating a museum quality piece of glass to use as the main auction item.

Itís not long before Claire is so wrapped up in the gala and all she has promised to do that her home life beings to slip. While she and her husband, Jason begin to drift apart Claire and Nantucket Childrenís Foundation Executive Director Lockhart Dixon grow closer.

As the story develops Ms. Hilderbrand does an excellent job of showing how Claire falls prey to the manipulations of Lockhart and co-chair Isabelle French. As a reader one almost wants to tell Claire to wake up and realize what she is missing from the life she was leading, but then you realize that in order to more fully appreciate what one has one must sometimes hit a bump in the road and hope it works out.

While I didnít think A Summer Affair had the same emotional pull as her previous title Barefoot, it was still a book full of all the emotions that we as romance readers expectÖlove, hate, and lust. Ms. Hilderbrand writes characters who are three dimensional, and even her secondary characters while strong and fully developed donít overshadow the main characters, but are allowed instead to be highlighted in their own way.

Now, I begin the long wait for Ms. Hilderbrandís next book, but lucky for me I have her backlist to explore.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sandi.

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