by S.K. McClafferty

January 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7299-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Claire Summer is an attorney with a past. Her father sits on death row convicted of killing Claire`s best friend. When a similar murder is committed in Claire`s home town; she begins to believe that perhaps her father did not commit the crime for which he is about to die. Claire heads home to discover the truth before it is too late and her father is executed. Fegan Broussad feels nothing but hate for Claire`s father, for it is his sister who her father went to jail for murdering. However, there has always been something about Claire that has attracted Fegan, when Claire begins to investigate her fatherís circumstances, Fegan reluctantly helps her out. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that someone in town knows the truth and does not want Claire and Fegan to uncover it. As things go from bad to worse Fegan and Claire discover that they have more in common than an old murder, in fact they just might be falling in love with one another.

S.K McCafferty`s newest novel, Donít Tell A Soul, gave me chills up and down my spine as I read the book. The scenes are engrossing and sometimes slightly disturbing but that is what makes a great suspense novel. I enjoyed the mystery very much and I was shocked to discover who the bad guy turned out to be! Oh No, I am not giving this secret away! I enjoyed the interaction between the characters although I did feel that the romance was not as well developed as I would have liked and I must admit the character I liked the most was Fegan`s father. I felt like he helped keep the story moving and did at times provide a small bit of relief from the grimness of the novel. This book was a bit too dark for my taste but for those of you who enjoy a spine tingling who done it, this book is a great choice, as it is well written, fast paced, and ends with a bang.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Jen.

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