by Susan Wiggs

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0778325772
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As budgets are tightening all over going to the bookstore is becoming more of a special treat than part of one’s regular errand running. Who amongst us isn’t getting a bit more tightfisted with our reading dollars? We’re all wanting a guaranteed good read, and I believe that Susan Wiggs is an author who consistently delivers that guaranteed read that as you read you will not be able to set aside, and which when the last page is turned will remain with you as you settle back into the drudgery of every day life.

Just Breathe is Ms. Wiggs latest release, and her first hardcover release I believe in several years. Just Breathe is the story of Sarah Moon Daly who thought she had it all only to discover that the life she was leading wasn’t nearly as perfect as she thought.

She and her husband Jack have survived many things, his cancer treatment, their inability to get pregnant even with assistance, but when Sarah accidentally (does the wife ever on purpose) discovers Jack and one of his architects checking out a model home in an inappropriate manner is it any surprise that she decides she has no option other than divorce?

From here Just Breathe turns into a story of discovery. Sarah discovers strengths in herself, her family, and her hometown that she never would have thought existed if she had stayed and played at being Jack’s wife. What else Sarah discovers is that the last attempt to get pregnant has been successful, and now the expected birth of a child again changes Sarah’s focus.

Just Breathe follows Sarah’s journey through the pregnancy and the early months of being a mom. As she makes this journey she discovers many facts about her family, her community, and most importantly discovers the ability to love again.

Without a doubt for me Susan Wiggs is an auto buy author for me. I find her books to be full of various emotions, and while I wouldn’t say they are one hundred percent romance, but more women’s fiction they do end happily, and as a reader when I turn the last page I am satisfied.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Sandi.

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