by Amanda Ashley

October 2008
ISBN: 978-1-8217-8063-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Kathy McKenna wanted to get away from the werewolf and vampire fighting so she moved to the quaint township of Oak Hollow. She opened a bookstore, got settled in and then found out the truth. Oak Hollow is the neutral zone for preternatural creatures to meet. It is also the residence of the Master of North American vampires. Raphael Cordova was appointed by Mara, the oldest of their kind, to rule. It is their desire to live in peace with the werewolves and humans. There is a fissure among the supernatural. Some believe their kind should rule the world, after all they are much stronger than humans. It is Rafe’s responsibility to make sure the vampires follow the rules. He meets Kathy and it is difficult to keep his mind on matters at hand.

Kathy can sense when someone is supernatural. The moment the handsome Raphael walked into her bookstore she knew he was a vampire. Of course she feels fear but her attraction to him proves stronger. It is an attraction which is definitely reciprocated. Rafe is not the only one interested in Kathy. A shape shifter and a hunter both are drawn to her as well. Kathy doesn’t want a relationship with a vampire or a shape shifter. Nor is she interested in the hunter who has come to town looking for Rafe. She is learning, however, that the heart has a mind of its own and it seems her heart has chosen a vampire.

For a safe haven Oak Hollow has suddenly become a dangerous place. People are beginning to disappear and Kathy’s friend is attacked by a werewolf. Worse yet, humans in town are as much in the hunter’s target as are the supernatural beings. Will Kathy overcome her mind-set about what Raphael is or will she survive long enough for it to matter?

Night’s Master is book three in the Night series but is written as a stand alone so anyone can enjoy it. To get the full measure of enjoyment I recommend reading the entire series.

I loved the hero in Night’s Master but I also felt sorry for him. While I completely understand Kathy’s reticence to involve herself with a vampire, Raphael’s charm and kindness won me over. He is a wonderful hero who deserves Kathy’s wholehearted affection.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Rho.

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