by Elisa Adams

February 2003
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Though Amara Daniels has spent her acting career playing a comic book style vampire, she certainly does not believe in those creatures of the night. So when a man calling himself Marco, claiming to be a vampire, kidnaps her, she knows he is insane. Sure he has sharp fangs in his mouth, but anyone can buy fangs. He can also move across distances faster than she can blink, but that still does not make him a vampire.

Marco is a vampire. He has watched Amara give his kind a bad name in the Midnight Morris movies for far too long. His plan is to kidnap her and teach her the truth about vampires. He has no idea he will be more attracted to her than he has ever been to any woman in over four hundred years.

Amara feels the same attraction. It is a force neither she nor Marco can resist. With a passion that surprises both of them, they engage in a relationship so intimate that it transcends their different lifestyles. But is an affair between a human and a vampire doomed for failure? Only a beating heart can tell.

Vampires? My best friend had to talk me into watching Interview With A Vampire even though it starred Tom Cruise. I was a little disappointed when I started reading Midnight and saw that it was taking me to another side, but then I was swept away by Elisa Adamsí smooth writing style and the heated character interaction.

Amara and Marco make a dynamic couple. Amara is an intriguing woman with a strong, spirited personality. I found her retorts to Marco very amusing.

I would have liked to known a little more about Marco. Though there is information about his life in the story, I still felt like there was something I was missing.

Marcoís brother, Royce, and his friend, Ellie, are also fascinating characters. I hope to see them in a future book. They have fascinating stories, which need to be shared.

I enjoyed Midnight. The characters were engaging, and the uniqueness of the story was greatly appreciated. My favorite parts were undoubtedly the superbly written love scenes. The steam was practically rising from the book during the intimate moments.

After reading those portions, Iím beginning to think vampires arenít all that bad.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Natasha.

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