by Connie Mason

ISBN: 978-0-8439-5746-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

A Farmstead on the Norwegian coast, 860 AD

After a horrific attack on his farm by Danes that left his beloved wife and their unborn child dead, Wulfric the Ruthless vowed vengeance and struck back. Leading his Viking warriors on a retaliation raid on a Danish farmstead, Wulf witnesses one of his comrades viciously rape a young girl. Still in deep mourning for his wife, Wulf mechanically takes the young woman and sells her into slavery in Byzantium. Now two years later, what could be the odds that his brother, Hagar would buy the very same girl as a bed slave for Wulf?

Reyna would never forget the atrocities done to her at the hands of the marauding Norse, especially the large blond barbarian she recalls as taking her innocence and then selling her to a Byzantine master. Fed up with her shrewish ways, her master sells her back to a Norseman who decides she is a prize worthy of his brotherís bed. Reyna cannot believe she has been given back to the brute she so despises, and Wulf is astounded to see the Danish beauty he so stupidly sold in the wake of his grief. Reyna vows she is no manís thrall especially Wulfís. Wulf tries to make Reyna see he was not the one who hurt her, and sets about wooing Reyna with his most potent seduction. Mortal enemies make strange bedfellows, but passion reigns supreme when it is wielded like the sword of this Viking Warrior!

Anyone who loves a good Viking romance is going to get pure satisfaction from Viking Warrior by Connie Mason. Connie dishes up her latest with the hottest of spices and tasty morsels that makes Viking Warrior extra juicy!!!! Wulf can be a little over the top at times with his refusal to let go of the past, and Reyna is equally stubborn in her hoity ways of not accepting the facts of her fate, but put these two together and the sparks donít stop flying from page to page.

Reviewed in November 2008 by Bonnie.

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