by Tori Carrington

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1744-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Forge #4

Working Stiff is the fourth book in the series of Sofie Metropolis written by Tori Carrington, the husband and wife team Lori and Tony Karayianni. Once again they keep the story going and the pages turning faster than I can keep up. I unconditionally loved this book. I could not and did not want to put it down. Be sure to have the time to read for you really will not want to put the book aside for anything. Itís a keeper!

Sofie is still in the PI business and very successful at finding missing or cheating spouses, lost pets and proving insurance fraud. Her cousin, Pete, the owner's son, is now a part of the workforce and proving to be very ready to lend a hand.

It is the week before Halloween but those that are Greek do not celebrate this holiday. While making an appearance at her Aunt Sotiriaís Funeral Home she learns that a body is missing. So a new case has been handed to her but no one must know for it is very terrible for business. Sofie thinks this is a hoax pulled by some kids due to the public holiday. Or is it?????

Sofie has begun to look into the missing body when she is asked to investigate a case that may be more than she can handle. It does looks like the young man is guilty but she accepts the case and will try to do what she can to help someone who is on trial for murder.

There are two very sexy men in her life. One being Australian, Jake Porter who has said he does not want to be the rebound man. Dino, the baker, also introduced to her by her Mother for they want her to be with someone who is Greek. What or who does Sofie want?

There is a new pet that has moved in and Muffy does not seem to mind. He has not been acting like himself for a week now and as long as the black cat leaves him alone he does not care. The cat seems to have the name Tee for he/she does have a tag but Sofie really cannot get close enough to find out what sex it is.

In the end it all comes together. At what cost will it be to Sofie? Will she be able to find the missing body and prove who the real killer is? And what about the cat, does Tee have anything to do with how it all works out?

Reviewed in August 2008 by Theresa.

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