by Karin Tabke

July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4165-5089-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

November, 1067

Rossmoor Castle, Alethorpe, England

Saxon Lady Isabel of Rossmoor looked around at the frightened faces of her loyal people and knew she had to defend them no matter what. Since the day her father and brother went off to war against their Norman enemies, Isabel knew that she must do what was necessary for the safety of Rossmoor. William’s infamous Blood Sword Knights led by the ruthless Rohan de luc, broke down Rossmoor’s gates and marched in only to be met by Lady Isabel who faced them with just her dagger and no fear!

Having survived together in the pits of Hell known as Jubb prison, these bastard knights were bound not only by their births, but by the horrors and torture they lived through, they were William the Conqueror’s most elite warriors. Yet standing before them in the Saxon holding they just claimed, was a mere slip of a maid who meant to defend her holding with nothing but her honor and a dagger. Sir Rohan strikes a bargain with the fetching Lady Isabel; that which she has underneath her clothing for the lives of her people. Isabel vows that her heart will remain hers but when Rohan lays siege to Isabel’s traitorous body, he proves he is the Master of Surrender!

Hail the conquering newcomer to historical romance, Karin Tabke’s Master of Surrender is pure delight! Master of Surrender is the first in an exciting new series, The Blood Sword Legacy. Sir Rohan de luc is nothing but the perfect Alpha hero surrounded by his fellow knights and brothers at arms. Matched with him blow for blow is his heroine the feisty Lady Isabel who takes no crud from Rohan or from his Norman band. Throw in some dastardly villains, and vividly realistic written battle scenes, (warning not for the squeamish), and medieval junkies get their fix with Master of Surrender!

Reviewed in October 2008 by Bonnie.

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