by Marianne Stillings

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-085074-6
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Mass Market Paperback

How often do we as readers pick up a book to find out that itís part of a series, and then set it aside because we havenít read the previous titles and we have to read them in order? How often do we go ahead and read it anyway because the blurb has intrigued us?

In the case of Killer Charms by Marianne Stillings Iím quite pleased to report that it is a connected book, but does work quite well as a stand alone story. Killer Charms is the story of Andrea Darling and Logan Sinclair. Ms. Stillings has two previous titles in which we meet Andreaís two older brothers, but having never read either of these titles I can quite honestly say I didnít feel lost in reading Killer Charms. I am also pleased that with Killer Charms a lot of space was not wasted with back story that might already have been read by a reader.

Andrea Darling is a San Francisco police officer in an undercover assignment. Itís her job to find out how Logan Sinclair, a world renowned clairvoyant manages to con wealthy clients out of their riches. As Andrea discovers not all is quite as it seems, and soon she is discovering things that are not necessarily pleasant about the SFPD, and quite possibly about her family as well.

It soon becomes unclear as to who Andrea can trust, but what is clear is that Logan is not what he presents himself to be. However the one thing Andrea knows is that she is falling for Logan.

When I first started Killer Charms I didnít think I was going to enjoy the story very much, but before I knew it the pages were flying by! Overall I was really quite pleased with Killer Charms, and am ready to tackle My TBR Mountain because I know the previous books are there somewhere.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Sandi.

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