by Karen Ranney

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-125242-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Miss Davina McLaren is not an ordinary miss. She is a ruined miss. Her reputation is in rags and the only offer of marriage on the table is from Marshall Ross, the reclusive Earl of Lorne. He is known as the Devil and once was a rather famous diplomat for the Crown. Those days are long over however, and he remains in his home facing demons only he can see.

Davina knows there is something off about her new home, and her new husband, but she is clueless how to fix it. While their wedding night was the stuff of dreams, certainly better than the experience that ruined Davina and damned her in the eyes of polite society, Marshall refuses to be friendly or companionable with her. While she is not expecting love, a small part of Davina had hoped for a companionable relationship. It is not to be though. Marshall has a secret to protect and he knows if Davina discovers the truth, their already sham marriage will fall to pieces. But desire is hard to snuff out once it is kindled and the desire and growing feelings between Davina and Marshall are tempestuous and strong. Can they find a way to make their marriage a happy one?

This book fell rather flat. The beginning held promise as Davina and Marshall both seemed surprised but rather pleased with their unexpected union. Unfortunately, Marshall became increasingly secretive about his past as the book went on. While his past was meant to act as a conflict in this book, it also slowed down the momentum of the love story, putting both of these characters at odds with each other time and time again. Also, I felt as if Davina’s characterization was rather lackluster. I didn’t really understand the motivations for her decisions and was surprised at her demands for a “happily-ever-after” after the wedding night, when she knew going into the wedding that Marshall was a “devil.”

The Devil Wears Tartan is a pleasant enough historical romance but Karen Ranney has written better.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Sarah.

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