by Molly O`Keefe

March 2003
ISBN: 0-373-44161-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #95
Mass Market Paperback

Molly O’Keefe brings us back to the Cook family. This time the Duet has two stories about the last two Cook brothers, Mark and Billy. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to learn Ms. O’Keefe had more stories coming out and to find out it was about the Cooks’. I was so happy (just imagine someone jumping up and down), it was like coming home again.

In Cooking Up Trouble we get to learn more about Mark and Alyssa Halloway. Alyssa was the family cook during the summer and when she was not in school. She was also Mark’s best friend and had been in love with him for years. The only problem was that Mark only thought of her as his best friend and nothing more. Well, that is until Dirk Mason, a movie star, comes to Morning Glory to learn how to be a cowboy for his upcoming movie.

Mark did not want anything to do with Dirk and tried to do his best to keep Dirk so busy and tired that he would not be able to spend time with Alyssa. Only all his plans backfire and he had to come up with something new, and guess who helps Mark? Dirk! Yep, Dirk tries to help Mark win over Alyssa. Will Mark be too late in realizing that Alyssa is all he wants and needs? Not only does Dirk act as matchmaker but so does his family.

In Kiss The Cook we get to meet Billy Cook. Billy is a playboy and he knows that he will not marry until he finds his true love. Only problem is that he has already met his true love thirteen years ago, when Kate Jenkins spent the summer with his sister Sam on the ranch. They had one whirlwind of a romance that summer and Kate broke his heart when she left.

Billy is caught in a snowstorm and not able to make it home so he goes to the line shack that is kept for this type of emergency. The only problem is the line shack is not empty as it should be, but instead there is Kate Jenkins pregnant and in labor. Billy helps to bring Kate’s daughter into the world. But Billy does not want to get attached to either Kate or her baby daughter because he knows that Kate will leave when she wants to, that is just her nature.

When Kate made the decision to have her baby at Morning Glory ranch she knew she would be staying. Morning Glory felt like home to her and that is where she wanted to bring up her daughter, where there was love all around. But can she convince Billy that she is around for the long haul? Will Billy break his own rules to be with Kate and can he trust his heart to her once again?

Cooking Up Trouble and Kiss The Cook are fast paced and funny reads. We get to once again get a glimpse of the Morning Glory and all its inhabitants. It is great to see the heroes overcome their fears of commitment to find their true love. Mark and Billy go to lengths to show their ladies they are truly, madly in love with them and will do anything for them. This is the third story of the Cook family; the only one not attached is the Cooks’ daughter, Sam, who seems to have a hand in all the marriages so far. I wonder if Sam will have her story told as well?

If you have not read a book by Molly O’Keefe, you should; she is an up and coming new author and is now an auto buy author for me. Of course, she was that after I read her first Duet. If you are looking to escape the world for a little while with some fun, laughter and some heartbreak thrown in, then these stories are for you.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Pam.

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