by Julia Latham

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-143296-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Yorkshire, 1486

Six years ago, Thomas Bannaster was spared the priesthood, and became the Viscount Bannaster. Tom was blamed for his brother’s murder which he witnessed when a young maid stabbed his brother who had been infamous for abusing his female servants. Tom let the girl flee knowing she would be hanged if caught. To prove himself worthy of leadership for Castle Bannaster, Tom trained twice as hard at an age when most knights were already done. Taking his cousin the king’s “suggestion” that he look for a wife in young Lady Cicely Winslow, Tom set off to her family's remote estate intent on courting her. While overindulging in food and drink at a nearby tavern to the Winslow keep, Tom found himself drugged and kidnapped, a prisoner of a sedate beauty who claimed she was less than what she appeared to be.

Diana Winslow had her talent for the warrior arts indulged and became proficient with a blade. Six years ago, a young impressionable Diana sought out the mysterious League of the Blade and was assigned to infiltrate Castle Bannister and thwart the abuse of the young women who served there. In stopping the rape of a maid, Diana became the target. Defending herself, Diana killed Lord Bannister and his younger brother told her to run. Now Diana’s worst nightmare was about to come true. Tom Bannister was coming to her home supposedly seeking her sister's hand, but Diana felt it was revenge he wanted against her. Kidnapping Tom was easy, holding him her prisoner was difficult especially when Diana began to realize that she made a gross error in judgment against the Viscount. Diana was drawn to this handsome fiercely proud man and the Secrets of the Knight waited for her when Tom took Diana in his arms.

Julia Latham’s trilogy League of the Blade ends with Secrets of the Knight. Strong characterizations are found in our hero Tom Bannister. You can feel his pain and sorrow at having to fulfill his family’s wishes (not his) of becoming a priest. Heroine Diana doesn’t want the life of a spoiled lady wife to a noble; she wants the adventure the League of the Blade can give her. Julia Latham puts a fresh spin on the medieval romance; Secrets of the Knight is bestseller material.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Bonnie.

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