by Debbie Raleigh

December 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7375-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

You know the story where the Earl must marry for money in order to save his home. Well, that is pretty much where the similarity ends in A Convenient Marriage. Gabriel Baxter, the Earl of Faulconer, must marry someone with a huge dowry to pay off debts that his father and brother incurred while they were Earl, and to help restore the once majestic Falcon Park and help the tenants repair their homes as well.

This is where one Beatrice Chaswell came in, she was an heiress, but she was not the classic beauty with the hourglass figure. She was eccentric, she doesnít like to do the normal ladylike things like needlepoint, and she likes invention. Yes, inventions. Beatrice received the love for this pastime from her grandfather, as well as her money.

The couple starts off really well to begin with, then Beatrice overhears two hours after the wedding that Gabriel married her for her money. Needless to say, Beatrice gives Gabriel the cold shoulder on the way to Falcon Park and after they get there as well. She fell in love with Gabriel during their short courtship and the betrayal by Gabriel hurt her and she no longer trusted him.

Gabriel loved Beatrice and wanted to get back into her good graces. But he did not know how too until Vicar Humbly pays them a visit. Vicar Humbly loved to play cupid and he was playing it to its fullest, even having to dodge Gabrielís widowed aunt in the process.

Will Beatrice be able to get over her hurt and learn to trust Gabriel again? Vicar Humbly gives her some very sage advice about the way she is treating him and why she is doing it. Of course, Vicar Humbly is also getting to Gabriel as well, hinting at what he needs to do in order to save his marriage.

A Convenient Marriage will have you cheering for Gabriel; he knows what he did was wrong in not telling Beatrice that he needed her money. This story is sort of like a roller coaster ride with the ups, downs, and the twists that it takes. Along with the many twists, there are also many treasures that will be found along with way, not only with Beatrice and Gabriel, but with secondary characters as well.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Pam.

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