by G. A. Aiken

September 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0373-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dragon Actually

Nicknamed Annwyl the Bloody, Annwyl of Garbhan Isle wonít stop until she has removed her ruthless sadistic brother from his throne. If she has to decapitate every soldier in his legion then so be it. When a mortal wound lays her low at the feet of the fearsome dragon Fearghus the Destroyer, Annwyl is certain she has met her end this time. Waking to discover the dragon has saved her life is shocking but welcome news. An odd friendship develops between Fearghus and Annwyl giving Annwyl some much needed peace and feelings of safety and protection. Fearghus would be the perfect mate if only he werenít a dragon.

Now the arrogant knight Fearghus sends to help train Annwyl for battle, he annoys her to no end but he is so . . . delicious he fills her with a ferocious need only he can sate. The ill-fated relationship between her and her dragon saddens Annwyl but comforts her nonetheless.

Chains and Flames

Rhiannon, First Born of the Dragon Queen, First Born Daughter, White Dragon witch and heir to the throne is forced to claim one of her motherís finest warriors for her mate. Stripped of her powers, Rhiannon is dumped at the entrance to Bercelak the Greatís lair, delicately human and naked to the elements. The queen expects Bercelak to tame her daughter by flames and chains if necessary - actually, preferably Ė she couldnít have known that Bercelak loves Rhiannon as passionately as the queen wants her daughter dead.

Bercelak the Great, Dragon Warrior of the Dragon Queen throne has dreamt of three things over the centuries: wealth, power and Rhiannon. He has an abundance of the former and plans to make Rhiannon his mate not by force but by love . . . and chains, of course.

G.A. Aiken, alter ego of Shelly Laurenston, tickles your funny bone with this crazy family of majestic dragons in Dragon Actually. Endearingly deranged characters, a fabulous plot, and outlandish humor make this book a keeper. Look for the novella prequel to this book featuring Ailean the Wicked, Bercelakís father, in Everlasting Bad Boys.


Reviewed in January 2009 by Cynthia.

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