by Carla Cassidy

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22489-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

There are many topics that I think authors like to stay away from, but in the last few years one of those topics has been creeping its way back into what Iíve been reading, and I believe it takes an author who is both brave and very skilled at writing to be willing to tackle this issue. The issue is rape, and I believe one that needs to be addressed because it remains a prominent problem in todayís society.

In her latest book Broken Pieces Carla Cassidy tackles this sensitive issue and does so with the finesse that only an author of caliber can muster. Mariah Sayers was the daughter of a minister who believed in not sparing the rod, and Mariah while trying to avoid the beatings she knew would be inevitable, also wanted to be a normal teen, and that of course meant sneaking out to meet her boyfriend in the town gazebo.

It was when she was trying to sneak back home again, and awaiting her opportunity to scamper back up the tree to the safety of her room that her life was brutally changed forever. She was grabbed and brutally raped in the side yard of her family home. Had her mother whom she eventually told been a little more caring and loving perhaps Mariahís life would have been different, but she was as cold natured as the father who would beat her, so Mariah decide that her only option was to run away.

Now, she had to return to her child hood home so that she might ready it for sale as both her parents are now deceased. Will coming back to the scene of the crime awaken Mariahís buried memories of her attacker? Will Mariahís presence in town awaken the beast that attacked her and cause him to attack again, or was he gone forever?

As I find to be typical in Ms. Cassidyís work the suspense is not intense, but well written that as a reader I have trouble setting the book aside. There are plenty of villains to choose from and without fail I always pick the wrong one because Ms. Cassidyís writing leads me to him, and when I end up being wrong I am glad because even though I thought he was a villain he ended up being a true hero!

As the weather cools and itís time to curl up with a hot beverage and a roaring fire I believe that readers will also choose to pick Broken Pieces as the book of choice, and that they wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sandi.

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