by Rachel Gibson

February 2003
ISBN: 0-06-000924-1
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Mass Market Paperback

With this book, Rachel Gibson revisits the exciting (and testosterone-heavy) world of professional ice hockey. In Simply Irresistible she took a look at this confusing blend of business, sports and frozen jock straps, and now she has come back to tell the tale of Luc Martineau, goalie for the (fictitious) Seattle Chinooks.

And what an incredibly funny and heartwarming tale she tells. Luc, sex magnet, ace goalie, and all around yummy guy, is impervious to women, loving them and leaving them and loving some more. Until he runs into reporter Jane Alcott. Short, slender, incredibly unstylish Jane Alcott of the big glasses, Doc Martens, and complete disinterest in ice hockey. Until she’s assigned to travel with the team for a portion of the season.

Watching Luc and Jane as they begin to become aware of each other sexually is one of the most delightful experiences I’ve had with a book recently. I simply couldn’t put it down. Jane’s refusal to admit to herself that she has a huge case of the hots for Luc is delightful, compounded by the fact that she secretly writes one of the hottest erotic series in the Northwest.

Luc, in the meantime, can’t figure out why he’s developing the urge to strip that god-awful black stuff off prissy little Jane to find out what lingerie lurks beneath – if any! Well, the sparks that ignite between these two could rival Mount St. Helens. It’s huge fun being with them as they slither into passion, and that passion grows even as they fight. You wouldn’t believe how much fun two people can have in a closet!

I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with these characters, and was sorry when I turned the last page. I wanted more, and can only be reassured that a hockey team has a LOT of players – and I am sincerely hoping Ms. Gibson writes a book like this for each one of them. Don’t miss it – it will body check your funny bone and send your heart to the penalty box!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Celia.

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