by Heather Grothaus

September 2008
ISBN: 978-1420102420
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

November 1077, the Scottish Highlands

Near Loch Lommond

Evelyn Godewin’s luck was just getting worse. Fleeing the priory with the old witch Minerva Buchanan to journey with her to Minerva’s native highlands had seemed like a good idea at the time. But now Minerva was dead and had brought her not to her clan’s land but to those of the MacKerrick! Alone and surrounded by vicious gray wolves, Evelyn runs only to fall and injure herself. Just when the wolves are upon her, a lone black wolf defends Eve and a strange friendship is born. Crawling with the badly hurt black wolf to an old cottage, Eve takes refuge from the harsh winter storms and the gray wolves that still wait for them outside. Eve christens her new companion Alinor, and with what little food they have, Eve begins to fret how they will survive. Then in barges a huge, angry highlander who claims the cottage is his and that Eve is trespassing and must leave!

Laird Conall MacKerrick has left his town after the death of his wife and still born baby girl. Against the wishes of his family, Conall needs to be alone to try to think of a way to undo the hellish curse placed on his clan by the witch Minerva. With only a small sheep, and the weapons he carries, Conall makes his way to the cottage in the wood that once belonged to his uncle Ronan. Finding the English lass Eve in residence with her “pet” wolf, Conall is about to throw her out on her skinny arse, when Eve (in a quick dash to save herself and Alinor) claims to be kin of Minerva Buchannan. Conall realizes that Eve could be the key to ending the curse, and sets about seducing her. Alone with just their little menagerie for company, The Highlander takes Eve as his wife, and they make a cozy love nest for themselves. But the lies they have made and the secrets they carry could destroy their newfound bliss!

Heather Grothaus continues her winning steak with her third medieval romance tale, The Highlander. Great storytelling, vivid characterizations, and heartwarming interaction with Eve’s growing contingent of animals, you will love them all just as Eve does! Medieval fans will want to keep Heather Grothaus on their list of must read authors!

Reviewed in August 2008 by Bonnie.

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