by Shari Anton

July 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61756-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

August, 1153

Nicole de Leon carries the bloodline of the legendary King Arthur. Nicoleís magical gift from her distant ancestor is her ability to commune with spirits who have not moved on to the next world. Orphaned at a young age Nicole became a ward of King Stephen who placed her with the nuns at Bledloe Abbey. Living in the isolated world of the convent, Nicole cannot deny her yearning heart, to find a love as splendid and true as her elder sisters have. Awaiting the Kingís choice of husband for her, Nicole is stunned when a visitor arrives at the abbey. Rhodri ap Daffyd, a warrior bard has come for Nicole on behalf of her Welsh uncle.

Rhodri ap Daffyd has served his chieftain Connor well and does not hesitate when given orders by him to retrieve Connorís niece Nicole so as Connor can use her as a bargaining chip in marriage to one of the Welsh princes. Rhodri finds Nicole to be anything but what he remembered of her in their youth. The little hellion has grown into a woman. Even in her nunsí habit, Rhodri can see the beauty of Nicole hidden within. Sensing trouble when the earl of Oxford, one of the Kingís minions arrives, Rhodri tries to escape with Nicole, only to be imprisoned by the earl. Nicole shows valiant strength and courage in her rescue of Rhodri from the earlís ominous tower, and she and Rhodri take flight in hopes of sanctuary with her uncle in Wales. The trek is long and hard, and suffering the indignities of mud, rain, lack of proper food and shelter is something Nicole has never experienced before, yet takes in stride earning her Rhodriís respect. Rhodriís desire for her grows until one rainy night Nicole finally succumbs to the Magic in His Kiss.

Shari Anton finishes up her de Leon sisters trilogy with Magic in His Kiss. Using her patent formula of romance, adventure, mystery, and paranormal Shari Anton displays her writing talents to their fullest. Some parts of the story tend to drag just a tad, and the ending when Nicole finally dispatches her brother Williamís nuisance spirit to the light is kind of a let down, but Magic in His Kiss is definitely worth the while.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Bonnie.

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