by Deirdre Martin

October 2008
ISBN: 978-1-425-22451-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Monica Geary is a very popular soap opera actress on daytime’s The Wild and the Free. Unfortunately, her star seems set to dim when a new actress is hired, a younger and more nubile actress. Monica realizes she needs some press, and fast, so she contacts her PR agent who decides a hot new romance is just the ticket for Monica. She has the perfect man in mind...

Newly traded to the New York Blades, hockey player Eric Mitchell needs to take his attitude down a notch and find a way to connect with his new teammates. What better way than to “date” one of the team’s most favorite actresses? Unfortunately, while Eric would love to make their romance real, Monica finds his cocky attitude too much to bear. His overconfidence that she will fall for him is a big turn off for her, until they start to let some of the barriers fall between them. When the real Eric shines through, Monica is impressed, and well, maybe starting to fall for him a tad. But who is the real Eric? And if they make their fake romance real, will they suffer from broken hearts before it is too late?

Eric is definitely a cocky, self-assured character. While that attitude is a bit overbearing at times, when he let the façade fade away, I could easily see why Monica was starting to fall for him. This is a man who was pretty much a consummate playboy so to finally realize he has met a woman who does not easily fall for his charades is scary for him, but also plenty of fun for the reader.

Monica has some of her own character growth to go through and while I wish she would have taken a stand a bit earlier on about her career, I like how great she was with her fans, her friends, and even Eric. She was very real, actress or not.

Power Play has a very lively feel to it. These are two characters who lead very busy lives but who also face the loneliness that comes with leading busy, often superficial lives. Deirdre Martin kept the emotions real, the dialogue witty and fun, and the story very sensual. Power Play is another accolade for this fabulous romance writer!

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sarah.

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