by Kathleen Grieve

June 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-287-9
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Faith Daniels is a nurse at Deerborne County General. She loves her job but her real dream is to finally be a doctor, so she is studying hard to pass the MCAT. Unfortunately, every time she takes the test she freezes up and bombs it big time. Faith knows she can do it; she just has to find the cure for her test anxiety. That’s where Dr. Stone Lassiter steps in.

Stone is known as the ogre around Deerborne because he is rude, impatient with the nurses, and displays a general lack of caring for his fellow coworkers. Stone needs to improve his attitude in the eyes of the head honchos, and fast. He decides to ask Faith to Deerborne’s Annual Charity Dinner but he does not anticipate her quick denial. His only thought: bribe her into accepting his invitation with the knowledge that he can help her pass the MCAT.

Being part of Faith’s world is eye-opening for Stone and he starts to see why everyone viewed him so unfavorably before. He wants to get to know Faith better, but he knows he needs to tell her the truth about his past before she finds out for herself.

The Doctor’s Deception is a nice romance. Not too hot, not too steamy, but plenty romantic; the courtship of Faith and Stone is fraught with emotional highs and lows, plenty of laughs, and of course, more than a few kisses. I really enjoyed watching these two see beneath the layers and discover each other outside of their roles as nurse and doctor.

Kathleen Grieve offers readers a straight up contemporary romance with heart. There is strength in her characterization and dialogue. I look forward to reading another story by her.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Sarah.

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