by Kasandra Elaine

June 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-262-3
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Skylar discovers a jacket on her ranch near the roadside and thinks it might belong to the man who was taken into the local hospital after being found at the roadside. He has no memory of who he is or what happened to him. Skylar offers to take him home with her when he is discharged from hospital as he has no money and his memory still has not returned.

Skylar acts out of her belief in God and her willingness to help others.

The mystery man is named Duke by the hospital and he quickly settles in with Skylar and her staff.

Back where he really comes from a plot to frame him for embezzlement was hatched by his girlfriend and her new love.

This story has a lot of intrigue and romance in it. Skylar and Duke quickly become endearing to the reader and their fortunes keep you hooked as the story unravels. The tension is excellent when Duke and Skylar discover he is on the wanted man list and they are determined to clear his name and keeping one step ahead of the law as they try to unmask the real criminal is no easy matter, but it makes for a riveting read!

There is a strong inspirational theme in the story but it does not interfere with the storyline and even if the reader is a non believer the plot will still be a very good read.

The memory loss is well handled dealing with the fear, worry and frustration a person would feel when they had no identity.

The author has a good sense of human nature and of family feeling. When Duke's real family find out where he is they pull out all the stops to try to clear his name.

Throughout the story is the growing love between Skylar and Duke.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Mary.

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