by Leslie Kelly

February 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69116-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #916
Mass Market Paperback

Venus Messina is working at Flanagan's, her foster uncle's bar, when she meets Leo Gallagher. Leo claims she may be the long lost granddaughter of millionaire Maxwell Longotti, owner of Longotti Lines, a very successful catalog company. With the enticement of $5,000, which will go a long way to help Venus make ends meet until she can find another full time job, as well as help her foster mother care for her current kids, Venus heads to Atlanta with Leo to see if she really is Maxís granddaughter.

Troy Langtree has left his Florida home after a bad break up with his last girlfriend. He has just started a new job at Longotti Lines at the request of Max Longotti, who is thinking of selling his business and wants Langtree to consider buying it. Max wants his board to get to know Troy in hopes that they will approve the sale.

Troy spies Venus as she waits to meet Max on the balcony to his office. Actually he spots her red hair and then her legs which seem to go on forever. Troyís heart skips a beat and he realizes he may have met the one who can make him want to settle down. Venus feels the instant attraction as well. Troy is the sexiest man she has laid eyes on in maybe forever even if his business suit does send the message that heís a stuffed shirt.

Leslie Kelly has the temperatures of this couple rising by the second chapter and doesnít lower the heat until the very end. Venus is a feisty heroine who is the perfect match for too-sure-of-himself Troy. Ms Kelly has thrown in some humorous moments to tickle the readerís funny bone. The first dinner scene at Maxís and the satin sheets were just two of the laugh out loud moments. This couple oozed sexual chemistry from their first encounter and the sizzle didnít diminish until the last page. Wicked And Willing is Leslie Kellyís second release in as many months and her stories keep getting better and better. I am anxiously awaiting her next offering.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Barbara.

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