by Carole Hart

August 2008
ISBN: 0-451-22413-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Lila and Tad were engaged. He was the only one she had ever been with and being 18, she didnít want anyone else. Or so she thought. They were walking to a little beach area near her home. As they are walking she starts undressing, when the clearing is in sight, she sees two men are getting ready to leave. Does she stop undressing, no, she just keeps going until she is totally nude for all to see. She gets excited by the prospect of them seeing her and they do.

Things go downhill for Lila after that as Tad breaks off the engagement. She isnít sure what she wants to do, but after what Tad told her, she knew she had to do something. And she found Babylona Institute as her answer. Babylona is a place that sex is a major part of the curriculum, where pretty much anything and everything goes. When the students graduate they can go into any field that deals with sex.

Lila meets Ben the student advisor and letís just say she is not inhibited at all. The first meeting gives her an idea of what can and does happen all the time. Lila has strong feelings for Ben from the very start, but it doesnít go only one way. Ben is torn about what happened at the first meeting with Lila.

Maybe I wasnít in the mood for this story, Iím not sure. But Pleasure U was one story I could put down numerous times and forget about, but I kept reading it hoping I would connect in some way with the characters or the story itself. Even though I did not enjoy this story, I will give the author another try.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Pam.

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