by Gwen Hunter

February 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-669-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Rhea Lynch is at it again! Another mystery has presented itself and it is up Rhea to solve it with the help of her friends at Dawkins County Hospital. When a traveling faith healer arrives in town and begins to profess that she can heal the disabled and chronically ill, Rhea is skeptical. But when those who have been healed by this healer or atttended her shows begin showing up her emergency room, Rhea is determined to get to the very bottom of this mystery. Who is this mysterious healer? What is happening to the people who attend her shows? And how is the healer connected to a young woman who shows up in Rhea`s E.R. and proceeds to commit vioent acts against all those around her while practicing black magic? Rhea, with the help of police captain Mark Stafford, must discover what is happening in her small town before someone else dies.

This book knocked my socks off! I had never been interested in medical thrillers before but I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up Gwen Hunter`s newest novel, Deadly Remedy. This is third book in her Dr. Rhea Lynch series and was a wonderful read. I was immediately pulled into the world where Rhea and her friends live and breathe. This world is so skillfully created that I felt like I was right beside Rhea as she battle death and tried to solve the mystery of what was making people sick in her town. The secondary characters like Dr. Noah Ebenezer and Buzzy the paramedic provide the reader with some relief from the dark mystery that is the mainstay of the book. The themes of faith healing, witchcraft, and evil are successfully interwoven throughout this story. The romance was subtle, and certainly not the focus of the novel, but I found myself not caring. There was enough interaction between Rhea and Mark that the reader felt satisfied. Although at the end of the book the reader is not sure whether Mark and Rhea will spend the rest of their lives together, I was okay with this and even found it a nice change from the predictable books that often are found on the romance shelf in the book store. The wonderful blend of mystery, romance, and just plain fun hooked me and I have now gone and purchased the other Rhea Lynch novels. What more can a reviewer say than that? I loved this book.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Jen.

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