by Joanne Rock

March 2003
ISBN: 0-373-69119-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #919
Mass Market Paperback

Revealed... what a perfect Harlequin Temptation book! A straight-laced but to-die-for hero and a sassy heroine in a playful and fun romp of a story. This one is a keeper!

Sent to the wrong address, Jackie Brady, singing telegram by night and otherwise a composer of childrens music, performs at a bachelor party organized by Greg De Costa for his brother. In an attention-grabbing and rather revealing scene, Greg not only admires Jackie’s singing talent but also her other “assets”.

After a recent breakup with a girlfriend that saw his face plastered on television – he’s the general manager of that television station - Greg has sworn not to date anyone he’s working with. Perfectly happy then to have found in Jackie an intriguing woman outside his workplace, he plans to see her again. So no wonder he is not prepared for her arrival at a job interview for a voiceover slot a couple days later and rejects her job application, losing not only a great talent but also his chance at a date.

And Jackie is shocked to find that she “stripped” for the man who is to decide over her future! However, she is not someone to give up her dreams and turns up again! Hired for a new commercial by one of Greg’s most important clients and to be filmed under his nose, she goes on to deliberately torture him. A skimpy suede bikini, her very sexy vocal talents and lessons to his sister-in-law in seduction techniques do the trick. Seeing that Greg wants her badly and that she needs someone to “pop her cherry” for her to uncover her full artistic potential, she takes him up on his “offer” of a date. After all, she needs to practice her seduction techniques on someone....

I do love Joanne Rock’s Harlequin Temptation titles. Maybe it’s the light and humorous touch or maybe it’s the interesting love scene locations. Maybe it’s a heroine who is gutsy and goes after her dreams. Maybe it’s a hero that just can’t resist her allure. Or maybe it is all of that. At least, it’s what I love about Joanne Rock’s latest, Revealed.

Oh, and by the way, this time round it’s suspenders that are the Joanne Rock fashion statement and they do make some colorful appearances. Not necessarily my choice of a sexy attire but they definitely do define the hero and his allegiances.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Kris Alice.

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