by Susanna Carr

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22399-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

Three princes are about to meet their matches in women who are anything but stereotypical princesses…

Prince Zain of Mataar has a prophecy hanging over his head. If a woman kisses Prince Zain at midnight on his thirtieth birthday, she is destined to be his bride. Zain has no desire to settle down and marry so he plans on being far, far away from his homeland on the night of his thirtieth birthday. In fact, he is going to be in the middle of Illinois on his thirtieth birthday. Believing he is safe from the curse, a most unexpected woman is about to steal more than a kiss from him. Lauren may just steal his heart.

Prince Santos of Isla de la Perla loves the sand, sun, and ocean. He does not like wearing formal clothes, being constrained, or learning the rules of royal etiquette. Unfortunately, that is all his image consultant, Kylee, is willing to teach him. Santos however has plans to teach her how to have fun in the sun and maybe, fall madly in love with him, wild image and laidback lifestyle and all.

Crown Prince Rafael of Tiazza is determined to break up his younger brother, Luca, with his wild girlfriend, Shayla. She is just not an appropriate influence for him, in Rafael’s opinion. Little does Rafael know that Shayla is just pretending to be Luca’s girlfriend in order to stop Rafael from discovering Luca’s real girlfriend. Problem is Shayla and Rafael are fiercely attracted to each other. How long can Shayla keep up the ruse when all she wants is to be with Rafael?

Susanna Carr weaves these three stories into one novel, skipping back and forth between each prince’s plot. I found this to be a rather distracting storytelling technique and I would have preferred Ms. Carr just write the three stories as novellas. However, the romance aspects are top notch. I loved seeing these three hardheaded men fall, and fall hard, for these unique women. While my favorite of the men was definitely Santos, there is something special in each of these stories. Susanna Carr knows how to pack an intimate punch with her dialogue and descriptions. Red-Hot and Royal will make you believe in true love, happily ever after, and the love of a good man.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Sarah.

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