by Kresley Cole

June 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4165-7675-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Cade of the rage demons will do anything to restore his brother Rydstrom’s, king the rage demons, stolen crown. He blames himself for its loss and has vowed to reclaim the crown to atone for his mistake. The key to regaining the crown lies within the half-valkyrie Holly Ashwin. She also holds the key to Cade’s soul as she is his destined mate. With one glance she can make his horns stand straight up. His hopes to use her and walk away are delusional to say the least. Unless he can outsmart a mage he has no choice but to put his greatest treasures in the hands of his enemies.

Holly who has been raised as a human doesn’t know there is a world full of legendary creatures – and she is one of the baddest of the bad-ass chicks. Convinced that she needs her medication to control her “illness,” Holly soon discovers she is much stronger than she realized. She can make a rage demon horny as hell, everyone in the Lore except for her companion is out to kill her, and her Aunty Nix is crazy as a loon. All of which has something to do with the Ascension and her possibly being the mother of the greatest warrior the Lore ever saw – good or evil. To top it all off she is falling hard for Cade but she isn’t sure she can trust him.

Kresley Cole’s bestselling Immortals After Dark series continues with the story of a bad boy demon who finds his perfect mate, only to find that she may want him but she doesn’t really need him. In Dark Desires After Dusk, Cade and Holly are to all appearances the oddest couple until a well placed lightning bolt evens the odds on both sides. A fast paced read well worth missing some sleep for.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Cynthia.

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