by Virginia Henley

February 1995
ISBN: 0-440-21703-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Island
Mass Market Paperback

Jousting, royalty, long journeys and castles. Everything that makes a medieval... well, a medieval.

When we meet our hero, Christian Hawksblood, he`s in a rousting bout of jousting, and of course winning (he's the hero, after all!). But after the battles are over, he goes back to his tent for a bath and the eyes of a witch haunt him. He`d been seeing her in his dreams for quite sometime, and in rather intimate ways. But who she was, he didn`t know.

Engaged to a man she feels little for, Lady Brianna of Bedford knew it was wicked to be dreaming of a man with turquoise eyes that whispered of unspeakable things. But when she meets her intended`s bastard brother, she finds the man who had been in her dreams. It is Christian Hawksblood and he makes his intentions toward her clear. He`s going to steal her away from his brother.

This was a wonderful read, but at times I found the dialogue and descriptions difficult to get through. Nevertheless, I pushed on and found characters to love, love scenes hot enough to melt ice and a wonderful all around story.

Brianna and her friend, Joan of Kent, were enjoyable characters and the sheer masculine sexuality that Christian possessed almost jumped off the page to burn my fingers!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Lucy.

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