by Anna Dynowski

May 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59431-616-6
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Luke's friends decided it was time for Luke to settle down so they advertised for a wife for him. Luke was none too happy as he liked his life as it was.

Trouble started when Tara, his ex-wife was sent to cover the story by her editor. She discovered her feelings for Luke weren't totally dead.

The story follows Luke's attempts to ignore the feelings his ex kindled in him. He tries to come to terms with the fact that he still cares for Tara, but she hurt him before and he is scared of trusting his heart again.

Luke is a deeply religious man, but Tara is unsure whether she can believe and it is something she soul searches about as the story progresses.

The reader gets to meet characters from a couple of Anna Dynoski's previous books and that is always a good touch catching up with their lives.

Romance and passion feature strongly in the book. I personally would have liked a slightly stronger sub plot in the book.

I still enjoyed the story though I felt that perhaps Tara and Luke were at cross purposes too many times as it was obvious they still loved each other. They had wasted the ten years they were apart, because neither had been in another serious relationship since.

Tara thought her life was full as a top reporter traveling the world after a story to the war torn countries and to countries hit by disasters. Luke was kept busy as a policeman, it was small wonder his friends thought he needed some serious romance, though they were unaware of Tara's existence, until she showed up in their small town.

The book is worth a read and the author has a good insight into character.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Mary.

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