by Irene Estep

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-58749-661-5
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Maggie wanted to know if her late husband, Sam had been having an affair with her boss. Trouble was after she confronted Starlene, the woman was murdered and Maggie found the body.

Parker was an old friend to Maggie and when he was hired to find the real killer, the attraction between them resurfaced. Maggie's little daughter Jenny adored Parker and that made it hard for Maggie to keep him at arm's length.

This is no straightforward romance. There is a very clever plot and the twists and turns make it a very riveting read.

Maggie has to learn many things about her late husband. Trying to come to terms with each disclosure is very difficult for her.

Someone wants Maggie to dig deep and find out what was Starlene's motive for leaving a legacy to Jenny.

This is a story that will keep the reader guessing and it is a complicated but fascinating plot. There is a lot of tension and mystery. Not least the sexual tension between Maggie and Parker.

There are excellent secondary characters in the story, each one plays a vital role and keeps the reader wondering who might be responsible for Starlene's death.

Like all good romances the path of true love is far from smooth and Maggie and Parker are no exception. Their road is very rocky and it sometimes seems like they both need to trust each other with the truth more, but then the story is more exciting because their path is so tricky and there is many a stumble. Both characters are immensely likeable but very human with faults and failings like the rest of us. Irene Estep made Maggie and Parker living breathing people whom the reader will care deeply for and will not want to part with them by the end of the story.

This is a very good exciting story that I happily give 5 roses to.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Mary.

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