by Mary Connealy

July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59789-938-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing Inc.
Trade Paperback

Grace Calhoun has never been a school teacher before, but she passed the tests with ease—and handled the class well—at least until five malicious monsters of mayhem arrived for classes. With the Reeves boys in attendance at school, Grace wasn’t getting much of anything done, except for trying (and failing) to stay one step ahead of the boys. From snakes in her drawer, to tacks on her seat, whatever could possibly go wrong did. And when Grace finally decided to take matters in her own hands and give the boys a whipping, their father showed up, and Grace is fired from her job.

When Grace’s adoptive father shows up in town to kill Grace, Grace flees the only way she can, by hiding in a covered wagon. But that covered wagon belongs to Daniel Reeves, the man who got her fired. And when Grace is knocked unconscious and wakes up in an underground cave, she isn’t sure what to think. It only gets worse when the parson shows up unannounced and marries Grace and Daniel on the spot.

So now, Grace is married to a man she intensely dislikes, and how can she possibly be the mother-of-the-year to the five terrors of the west?

Calico Canyon is the second book in the Lassoed in Texas series, the first book is the award-winning Petticoat Ranch. I enjoyed reading this fast-paced romantic comedy. There was one story thread which I don’t think was completely tied off at the end, so I’m thinking that the third book in this series, Gingham Mountain, will be a continuation.

Grace is a loveable heroine, and Daniel is certainly a unique hero. I had to admire Grace’s spunk taking in some of the shocking behavior she encountered at the Reeves’ ranch. And Daniel is extremely patient with Grace. I highly recommend Calico Canyon if you are looking for a fun, rollicking romance. The perfect read for a long lazy day. You won’t be able to put this book down.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Laura.

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