by Cornelia Armiri

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-368-3
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The story is about Saxon Princess Ricole and how she is taken hostage by a handsome Welsh warrior, Blaise, who hates the Saxons.

The story in itself is a simple one of attraction between two people who cannot be together. Cornelia Armiri adds the character and plotline, which surrounds the search for an ancient treasure. The way the author tells the tale is what makes it a very enjoyable read. She describes simple things like the picking of daffodils with a touch of reverence that Ricole feels for the task. Ricole finds her capture not entirely unpleasant. The contrast between the way the Saxons and the Welsh live is vividly described to make it very interesting to read about.

The characters are well thought out and the reader will quickly be immersed in them. Though the names of the characters are at times difficult to get the tongue round. They are fitting to the ancient Welsh traditional names.

Humour is used to raise a smile here and there - like the heroineís fear of spiders! It isnít the laugh out loud variety but will give the reader a few quiet chuckles as the book progresses. It isnít strong on drama but the author handles the mystery of the treasure well and it keeps the reader keen to follow the plot. If you have a fear of snakes and spiders beware! They appear rather graphically at times.

Ms. Armiri weaves a touch of magic through the story in the form of ancient folklore come to life. It is very effective in the story. The book is a good read and the author knows her historical period very well - she describes the era with the talent that makes the reader believe they can see the Saxon and Welsh tribes, as they would have been back then.

Reviewed in March 2003 by Mary.

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